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    Adopt-A-Grade is a program between BOMA Tulsa and our Partner in Education, Mark Twain Elementary.

    Mark Twain is an elementary school in the Tulsa Public Schools system.  It is located in west Tulsa at 541 South 43rd West Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74127.  100% of students at Mark Twain Elementary are on the free/reduced lunch program.

    BOMA Tulsa members 'adopt' a grade level or classroom each year and shower these classes and teachers with supplies and gifts.   Grades Pre-K - 6th grade are available to adopt.  Adopting a grade is easy and fun.  It allows members to get to know the teachers and students and allows teachers to not have to reach into their own pocketbooks.  Adopting a classroom can be as simple as checking in monthly with your lead teacher and finding out if there are any needs in the classroom.   Most of the time, needs include hand sanitizer, pencils or paper. 

    For more information on Adopt-A-Grade, please contact [email protected].


    Note of Appreciation from Mark Twain Teacher:

    Dear BOMA,

    I have sat down several times since Friday trying to write this message of thanks and appreciation for our BOMA angels on behalf of the 3rd grade team…now it’s 7:28 pm on a Monday night and I am still here! All that to say we have been pounding the pavement as usual but did not want to miss out on the opportunity to thank the ladies from BOMA who take the time out of their schedules to come and bring blessings both figuratively and literally to our 3rd grade team. One of my teammates left about 5 minutes ago and the other maybe half before that. Each of my teammates and I, after spending almost 12 hours in our day, still take home bags (stylish tote bags thanks to our BOMA angels) with work that we just simply could not complete while here but will take with us to continue working when we go. Through our BOMA angels we and our students! Have been blessed with: Kleenex, pencils, pencil sharpener! copy paper! Snacks J Clean-ing supplies that have helped to keep our classroom clean/helps to guard against illness as we share our learning space. At the end of last year our angels asked about specific items we would need to help us provide an engaging environment for our students or just what would be helpful to us in general. In a whirlwind conversation we quickly told what we needed (we are usually running in circles when they arrive and they patiently wait on us and slip in their words when they can with their smiles throughout whatever we are doing). We were simply just thankful for their help with blessing us with things we needed and then they walked in during the first week of schools with smiles and arms loaded with goods for us. We were able to use our gifts to help organize our small group areas with tubs they provided, we were brought laminated multiplication cards that the students could use as quick review practice in between assignments or for a fun brain bud challenge. More cleaning supplies! Kleenex! Pencils, paper and best of all their honest inquiry into how we were and their well wishes for us this year.

    These ladies have come to us on days that we have literally felt we have no more to offer and will not be able to do not one more thing, because we were exhausted, discouraged and simply tapped out. We work in a community that we love to serve and cherish the ability to work with our students daily but the job is draining and at times very difficult. The time these ladies have taken to shop on behalf of us and our classroom needs means the world to us. We don’t have enough words to express how we appreciate their kindness because their actions have been so encouraging and helpful for us to serve and take care of kids. We beam when sharing about our blessings each and every time the ladies have come. We tote our work load home in style and we are encouraged to keep pushing even when things get hard. Each time our ladies have come by they left us feeling refueled and rejuvenated. Their actions make us feel like we are not alone and we will have been provided all that we need so that we can serve our students and help them to succeed and achieve.

    We use the phrase often that it takes a village. We feel so blessed that they are taking care of our 3rd grade leaders and scholarly tribe. Thank you angels, Mark Twain 3rd Grade Team


    Thank you to BOMA Tulsa Members for partnering to Adopt-A-Grade at Mark Twain

    Pre-K Jennifer Root - CBRE
    Kinder Mark Cohlmia - Tropical Plant Design
    1st Grade Monica Bell - McGraw Realtors
    2nd Grade Shelly Burnham - JK Janitorial
    3rd Grade Donna Davis & Chaundra Cyr - Boston Aveneue Management,LLC
    4th Grade Trish Stokes - Scott Rice
    5th Grade Jaycee Kerns - LD Kerns
    6th Grade Wade Bell, Stephanie Canada, Scott Mitchell & Susan Walker - GeminiRosemont